Sunday, 29 July 2007

Getting Ready....

To start taking calls on a regular basis!I guess I should post a little about me,don't think I am some kind of phone sex newbie,as I have been taking calls here in the UK for around 3 years.
I am something of a tease-and,even though I am a "posh" Princess,I also love naughty phone sex,especially role-play.
For a few months I have been doing short smoking clips,which have proved to be really,really popular,so I decided to let you guys watch me live!
At the moment you will only be able to view my face on cam while we chat-however,I am turning my spare room into a studio so I can start having all kinds of fun.
Check out my little video tease above so you can see me in action.
Or click the button to arrange a call with me.

Sunday, 22 July 2007

Want To See Me Live?

Brand new callers can click here and get 3 *free* minutes of fun with me!