Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Birthday Fun....

Is what I had yesterday!
Again,thanks to all of you who called or spoilt me-you rock :)
Looks like I will have to update my Amazon wishlist again,as I have more bought items than things to buy......it's such a hard life,hee hee.
I spent the day taking a few calls,then I went out dancing with my girlfriends,we had the best time.I was hoping to get a few pics,but I was having so much fun I never got around to it,but I'm sure you can imagine.
Now,someone reminded me that for most of my callers this week is Thanksgiving-being in the UK it isn't something we celebrate. However,I would love to help relieve some of that Holiday stress,so make sure you come play with me.
My plan is to run a special during this week,so check my blog or your mailbox if you are one of my callers for any updates.

Monday, 19 November 2007

Yay! It's My Birthday!

So call and give me some special Birthday naughty!
To all of you who called,emailed,or sent me tributes and gifts over the weekend,thankyou soooooooooo much!
I will make sure I post piccies of me with everything as soon as I get a chance.
If you want to send me something,there's still time-
Click here for my Amazon wishlist!

Monday, 12 November 2007


It's soooooo cold here in the UK,altho I do love wrapping up in my cute lil' leopard print coat.
You would have been seeing some cool pics of me out and and about in the woods,had I not had a fingernail-related disaster (yes,really!)
So,you'll just have to settle for an indoor shot instead.
Speaking of photo shoots,I am always looking out for new ideas for pics and videos,so if you have a really good one,please let me know.
In the pipeline I have a few themed ideas coming up,including sexy French maid,and Medieval Goddess!
K,you may have noticed my lack of cam availability,this is going to be an ongoing thing sadly until I get wireless set up for my internet.
Please check my blog and listings though,as when I can cam,I will make sure I post my schedule
And,of course,I am available for phone only,click this button and come warm me up!

Thursday, 8 November 2007


I just got back from having a yummy breakfast with my best girlfriend-so I got to have coffee and gossip to start my day-hurrah!
We always forget where we are though,and I'm sure all the other customers loved hearing us talk about our naughty phone sex calls-oh well,I guess they could consider it a freebie ;p
It does make me giggle now when I'm out and about and I see a guy looking at me,and I always wonder if he's checking me out cos I'm a hottie (hee hee) or if he recognises me from one of my websites! All I can say is I hope if that ever happens,I am not somwhere with my mummy,or my lovely granny-I don't think they would appreciate knowing their sweet girl is a naughty cam girl on the side!
Anyway,I will be on taking phone calls this afternoon (GMT),which means you need to call from this button here....

However,I should be around for cam this evening,if all things go to plan :)

Saturday, 3 November 2007

Pretty In Pink!

Ok,I have to confess to be a totally girly girl-I *love* all things pink,leopard print and glittery.....So,if an item just happens to be all 3-then I am in girly heaven!
Don't I look super sweet? Although I bet you guys are wishing I would let you slide your hard cock between my shiny pink lips ;p
Give me a call,and I might just let ya!

Friday, 2 November 2007

My Weekend Schedule....

You should be able to catch me on cam and phone-or phone only on both Saturday and Sunday this weekend.
Keep checking back for a ton more new pics and videos,as well as links to my new website (coming soon-yay!) and other cool stuff.
I hope you all had an awesome Halloween,I was a naughty lil' devil-and teased all the men with my backless dress and fishnet stockings! I will be posting some more of those pics soon.
If you have any outfit suggestions for future videos or cam shows,please let me know,I am always happy to get all dressed up.
As soon as I can I will have a link up to my wishlist,so you guys can treat your favourite Princess to some sexy new stuff too :)