Thursday, 8 November 2007


I just got back from having a yummy breakfast with my best girlfriend-so I got to have coffee and gossip to start my day-hurrah!
We always forget where we are though,and I'm sure all the other customers loved hearing us talk about our naughty phone sex calls-oh well,I guess they could consider it a freebie ;p
It does make me giggle now when I'm out and about and I see a guy looking at me,and I always wonder if he's checking me out cos I'm a hottie (hee hee) or if he recognises me from one of my websites! All I can say is I hope if that ever happens,I am not somwhere with my mummy,or my lovely granny-I don't think they would appreciate knowing their sweet girl is a naughty cam girl on the side!
Anyway,I will be on taking phone calls this afternoon (GMT),which means you need to call from this button here....

However,I should be around for cam this evening,if all things go to plan :)

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