Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Birthday Fun....

Is what I had yesterday!
Again,thanks to all of you who called or spoilt me-you rock :)
Looks like I will have to update my Amazon wishlist again,as I have more bought items than things to buy......it's such a hard life,hee hee.
I spent the day taking a few calls,then I went out dancing with my girlfriends,we had the best time.I was hoping to get a few pics,but I was having so much fun I never got around to it,but I'm sure you can imagine.
Now,someone reminded me that for most of my callers this week is Thanksgiving-being in the UK it isn't something we celebrate. However,I would love to help relieve some of that Holiday stress,so make sure you come play with me.
My plan is to run a special during this week,so check my blog or your mailbox if you are one of my callers for any updates.

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