Monday, 12 November 2007


It's soooooo cold here in the UK,altho I do love wrapping up in my cute lil' leopard print coat.
You would have been seeing some cool pics of me out and and about in the woods,had I not had a fingernail-related disaster (yes,really!)
So,you'll just have to settle for an indoor shot instead.
Speaking of photo shoots,I am always looking out for new ideas for pics and videos,so if you have a really good one,please let me know.
In the pipeline I have a few themed ideas coming up,including sexy French maid,and Medieval Goddess!
K,you may have noticed my lack of cam availability,this is going to be an ongoing thing sadly until I get wireless set up for my internet.
Please check my blog and listings though,as when I can cam,I will make sure I post my schedule
And,of course,I am available for phone only,click this button and come warm me up!

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